Coyote Bush Collective Garden

Humans call me the California Scrubjay, but you can call me Scrubby. I’m one of the original stewards of the garden, and I like to plant acorns when no one is looking. Sometimes I go back to eat them, but other times I forget, and I find my cache has turned into a beautiful baby oak tree.

I left the garden in 2020. Nothing COVID-related, don’t worry. Luckily, another Scrubby took my place to keep the humans company. They need us, and we’ve found them friendly. At least they don’t cut the trees down or prune them so much we can’t hide our nests from the hawks. We’ll even eat out of their hands if they’re patient enough!

These days, Scrubby, Jayjay, and their three greyheads can be found yacking, eating, bathing, fluffing, and straight chilling in the cathedral of red salvia, the palm tree, or one of the oak trees.

California Lilac (Ceanothus)


What beautiful blue flowers!

– visitor, 2015

Ese arbol is halucinante!

That tree is hallucinatory [stunning]!

– virtual visitor, 2020

About Me


The Squirrel

Some people hate on me because I’m a non-native species. It’s true, I’m an immigrant, but I’m not a gentrifier. I don’t believe in private ownership of property, and I can see with my own two eyes that there is enough space for everyone here. If only people weren’t forced to pay rent. Thank goodness I’m a squirrel and I don’t have to deal with money.

But I do still have to deal with neighbors that complain about me and my natural behavior. Don’t worry, I spend most of my time hopping from tree to tree, playing with my friends and family – Mangeri Mangeri, Mangeri Mangeri Mangeri, Mangeri Mangeri Mangeri Mangeri, and Mangeri Mangeri Mangeri Mangeri Mangeri. It’s a long line of Italian-identifying squirrels.

We’ve decided to make our full-time home at Coyote Bush Collective Garden because, well frankly, there aren’t a lot of spots in West Oakland with this many trees. Plus the humans mostly leave us alone. They take pictures, which can be annoying, but they also let us eat their crops, which is dope.

Viva la Resistenza!


The California Poppy is Legal to Pick

Feed Everyone

Harvest Yourself

The Campbell and 16th Community Garden is always open and unlocked. Feel free to harvest as you please!


Check out our mutual aid profile on iDev Data, including our Wishlist and a full list of the plants and seeds that we have to offer. Always down to barter or share for free.

14th and Peralta Town Fridge

Check the town fridge for fresh produce from the gardens and see updates on Twitter and Instagram

Keep Growing West Oakland

We see enough vacant land in West Oakland to be able to grow all the fresh produce we need in our neigborhood.
Want help starting a garden? Get in touch and let us know how we can help.


I like kale…yum

If you were interested in eating some of the nice red or green kale at the Campbell and 16th Community garden, you better get going. I’ve eaten two kales and two lettuces already! NUM NUM NUM

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